January spring fever

Amazing what some warmth and sunshine can do for the soul and happiness…yesterday and today along the Front Range of Colorado the temperatures soared into the low 70’s with the sun beating down bright and hard. What a glorious thing it is…a taste of spring in the middle of winter. Of course this means we’ll be griping even harder when (if??) the forecasted snow for Saturday actually hits us. But for now, I’m taking advantage and enjoying every single ray of sunshine that I can.

I’ll say that contrary to what folks think of when they think about Colorado (mountains, snow and skiing) we actually enjoy some fairly mild winters along the Front Range, it’s not uncommon for us to be in the 50’s with sunshine…shorts and t-shirt weather. Two days in a row now I’ve been able to get out for a bike ride (shhh, I actually did a short 2k run as well…oops) and take in some vitamin D…sure beats the trainer sitting in the garage and hopefully it should be enough to rejuvenate and sustain me for the upcoming cold snap.

Ahhh, can you smell it? Spring is coming…eventually!

Where’s my mojo…

Not even the end of January and the re-injury of my foot has me in a slump and looking for my lost mojo. I’m cycling, but because it’s too cold outside to ride I’m on the trainer…which is often like being on a treadmill…except sitting down. Also didn’t help that we had a week of celebration after we booked our two weeks in Ireland for the summer…sitting around a table, drinking a cider or three and planning out accommodations, places to go and things to see.

So yea, not only did training slump with the foot, but eating went (a little, not a lot) off the rails…but far enough off the rails to put me in a minor mental funk.

You probably know the cycle…slump in whatever and you beat yourself up about it. Yup, vicious cycle but time to get that mojo back…refocus, reinvigorate and go with the flow of what is handed to me. So knowing that I won’t be able to run the North Fork 50k as we’ll be in Ireland (fair trade off for sure) and seeing as how I’m cycling for the next month or so what did I go and do…well, sign up for a duathlon of course…Barking Dog style.

I’ve done a handful of these in the past and liked the experience and the challenge…so there we go…early May for the du, Ireland in late June/early July then full steam ahead training for Tommyknocker 50k in September. I should have plenty of time to build that base back up after letting the foot heal…again.

I don’t know what else is on tap yet for revamping my 2015 goals, but I’m looking…yea, gotta get the mojo back.

Carb bloat…

I’m typically a low carb eater trying to fuel my endurance off of fat…a typical day is somewhere in the 50g – 125g range accounting for roughly 10% – 25% of my daily intake. A few days here and there will range higher, but I seem to generally function and definitely perform better when I get in this range. While I know it doesn’t fit in with the primal or paleo ways of eating without measuring, I’m currently using Lose It! to track my daily intake to get myself really back into the groove and in tune with what my daily eating should feel and look like.

Well, since the beginning of the year I’ve been spot on with this but over the last two weeks I’ve had a powerful hankerin’ for some flapjacks…aka pancakes. So yesterday the wife whipped me up a nice stack of gluten-free pancakes and I topped them with toasted pecans and maple syrup…divine, delish…they hit the spot and squashed my hankerin’. An hour later…ugh, bloat…

Yup, they were gluten free, but still filled with carbs…more than I’m used to at a single sitting…roughly 75 or so grams. Not insane, not crazy given my level of activity, but more than I’m used to which I guess is my end point. It’s amazing how the body adapts to doing certain things or eating certain ways…and it comes to expect that. Deviate and it’s like throwing a monkey wrench into an engine…something unexpected is going to happen.

Those flapjacks were divine, I don’t regret eating them one bit, but it is a great reminder of why I eat the way I do the majority of the time.

Time for an audible…

Back in November when I was at the tail end of my first battle with the fractured foot I came up with a plan to get back to the trails in style and run a 50k or two in 2015. I enacted a new 40-day training cycle which I love but then things happen and you have to be flexible. Well, of course I’m dealing with a recurrence in my foot but luckily it doesn’t seem to be as bad as I had first feared…it’s sore, but it’s not too bad. Regardless, that throws a monkey-wrench into things…I’ve decided to NOT run at all for the next month or so. I’ll substitute with cycling, (lighter) lifting and some easy CrossFit WODs for the next 40-day cycle starting on Monday.

However the big thing that has to be considered when re-doing my race plan is that we just booked a two week vacation in Ireland from late June to mid July…holy crap, still doesn’t feel real. My planned race for North Fork falls right during that time, but hey…totally worth missing for Ireland. I am signed up for the Human Potential Tommyknocker 50k on September 12 so that will be my target “A” race, but I’ll likely look for another to run in the fall as well.


Setback!!! :-(

Totally in the dumps after re-injuring my previously fractured foot from last fall. It’s been all fine and dandy since early last November, but started bothering me a bit Friday afternoon and evening. I haven’t run much through December due to the family issues and the slick and icy weather so it’s a bit bizarre. It kept me up much of Friday night throbbing and hurt pretty badly Saturday. I’m pretty sure it’s the same injury as the pain is the same and in the same location.


Going to have to evaluate things over the next week or so and see where I go from here. Going to have to adjust goals for 2015 I think…definitely think I should lay off running for awhile…argh!!

Snow, melt, freeze…repeat

This has got to be, hands down, the worse type of weather for getting outside and running. It’s not because of the cold and it’s not because of the snow…it’s the warmer weather that hits Colorado after a good snow, melts it down and then creates an ice skating rink when it freezes up again. I can’t stomach a treadmill or elliptical for more than about 15 to 20 minutes so I avoid those unless it’s a short warmup…I’ll also run shorter distances around town on bike paths and crusher fine trails, but nothing overly long.

Well today I revisited the other thing besides machines I don’t like to do…running along the side of the road after going out to a local trail and after getting about a kilometer out deciding to turn around. First time this season I didn’t bring traction with me and of course…first time I needed it. Most of the trail as rock solid ice, treacherous and just too damn stressful to continue on. After getting back to towards the trailhead we did a short up and back on the side of the road…traction conditions weren’t much better in a lot of spots there but we did manage to get in a little bit of running. Optimal phrase…little bit.

Oh well, just one of those things that has to be dealt with this time of year. I’ll be hitting the foothills with traction in hand this weekend and throwing in an extra CrossFit WOD tomorrow to make up for the shortened run. Gotta adapt…