What’s in a word?

It has been said countless times by many people that following an ancestral health style of eating is not one size fits. Our paleo ancestors lived all over the world eating a wide variety of foods and living a wide variety of lifestyles. The “experiment of one” common saying reflects this aptly.

So with my recent Whole30 experiment and the quest to find my balance it has me asking and wondering just what is paleo? What’s in the word and what is it? How about paleo vs. primal or any other iteration of an ancestral health lifestyle? Does it matter?

I know what the firm definition of those are, but what exactly are they for me? I don’t know, but I’m trying to figure out that balance for a happier lifestyle and longer lifespan. I know the more on task I am, the better I am physically and mentally which leads to increased enjoyment of my athletic endeavors.

What do they mean for you? How do you use them to fuel your body for an active lifestyle.

Whole30, call it a day

I think I may be calling the Whole30 quits, not just for this attempt, but for any other future attempts I may think about doing as well. I get the concept behind it, I know I feel great when following it. I just don’t think it’s in my wheelhouse to do for 30 full days, not because I can’t do it, but because I really don’t think I want to. It works wonderfully for me for a week to ten days or so, but then life starts creeping in and I feel constrained by it.

It’s a very difficult thing for me to put into words, but this isn’t about going out an eating cruddy food or drinking a ton of alcohol. It’s about living life, feeling good and doing things in moderation, even if some of those things aren’t 100% in the best interest of overall bodily health. The moderation part is extremely key and one that I’m again in tune with; at least for the moment. As I type this post, read it and edit it, moderation is the thing that sticks out to me the most. I often lose site of doing things in moderation, it’s a downfall and a weakness and the one thing that I need to keep in check.

I love the way I feel after a short, let’s call it a Whole-Reset and I’ll likely continue to practice these into the future as needed…somewhere in that 7 – 14 day range. But not a Whole30, I’m pretty sure I’m done with those. It’s almost a setup for failure and becomes mentally taxing.

I write the initial draft of this post on the evening of Whole30 day 8 and am posting it up during day 9.  I don’t have any cravings or temptation to have anything non Whole30 compliant at this moment, but for some strange reason it’s the idea that even if I did, I can’t. I don’t know why, but that bugs me. I know from many trials that I can’t have gluten products (they just kill me), should limit dairy intake and that fried foods and excessive amounts of “primal compliant” alcohol should be off limits as well.

Life is about experimenting and finding the balance that works for each of us…the balance that leads to a long and happy life. This “experiment of one” has taught me another valuable lesson and given me another tool to keep myself walking towards the right path.

Episode 6.0, Mark Rogers

This week Primal Run Geek is happy to welcome Mark Rogers from Simply Human Lifestyle website and podcast…we run the gamut of topics and were even able to edit out some initial recording difficulties in the first few seconds. Bill and Geoff, as usual, ramble on about a variety of topics including running Colorado high country trails, suffering with Trainer Road, variations in training layouts, doing a Whole30 and using coconut oil as deodorant…say what?!?


Recipe roundup

Been enjoying exploring a handful of new recipes lately. Have a few of our own creations in the hopper to post up at some point once I finish them up, but wanted to point out two great recipes we cooked up this week.

Cauliflower Biscuits with Bacon and Jalapeño


Simple, delicious and looks very versatile as you can mix up what you put in them. The only thing I’ll change for this base recipe is to add some green onion.

Baked Avocado Fries


Another simple yet delicious one, the mustard in the egg wash adds a nice zing. I’m thinking some kind of spicy mustard dipping sauce would be great too…gonna have to experiment.

Mid summer ramblings

Been awhile since I’ve had a non-podcast related post, so just a handful of ramblings here…

I’m giving the Whole30 another whirl, started on 7/7…we’ll so how it goes. In my past two attempts I’ve made it to day 15 and 24…the day 15 one was a total crash and burn while the day 24 one was a conscious decision as I was traveling for work and seeing Bill, the PRG podcast cohost. I started this one to support a friend of mine that has fallen off the primal wagon for an extended period and he needs a reset. Not that I couldn’t use one as well though.


So, I’m also turning to the MyFoodCircle app looking for social support in this journey. The app is pretty cool and simple and is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Essentially you take a picture and rate your food choice. Those that are in your circle can also rate your meals. So if you are so inclined download the app, look me up and throw some support my way…I’d appreciate all I can get.

We just got back from a great family vacation to Seattle…saw some great stuff, walked at least 7 miles a day and ate my fill of seafood…so stinkin’ good. Except for desert one night I was primal the whole time. Very easy to do with all the fresh seafood available that we don’t get here in Colorado. Man how I love Pikes Market!


My bum shoulder has acted up again after doing kettlebell swings just before vacation…first time I’ve done those since January…I think that motion is a definite culprit. Went and had some tests…good news is no nerve or muscle damage in the test shoulder and arm. The doctor suspects it’s a pinched nerve in my neck…MRI coming up in the next few weeks to check that out.

Doc’s hard cider…I’ve had it in Orlando and now in Seattle as well…second best cider I’ve had…don’t pass up a chance to sample some.


Episode 5.0, Roger Dickerman

Bill and Geoff discuss a variety of topics including gluten bombs, green smoothies with the Nutri Ninja, the continuing curse of Bill’s mountain biking woes and paleo air conditioning among other ramblings. We are then joined by Roger Dickerman from Relentless Fitness and the Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor podcast.


Shout out to Huma Gel as a great primal supplement while out on any endurance endeavor.