A Spark for Heroes Accelerated

Heroes Accelerated, cityMy online group over at Tavern Keeper just finished up our Spark for Fate Core campaign creation for Heroes Accelerated and we have kicked off the first scene. While we are using Fate Accelerated as the basis for our game, the Spark works just the same. Some of the steps such as Media Inspirations, Genre and Scale were already set as we pretty much knew those going on. However things really shined once we moved on from those. Everybody pitched in some great stuff to make the setting of Pacific City setting start to live and breath.

Here is the campaign elevator pitch and the listing of our Media Inspirations…you can see all the other steps in the Google Doc.

It’s another time, another place… a world where street gangs rule their turf with an iron hand and the tendrils of organized crime are everywhere. Pacific City is decaying…the law is corrupt and has lost control. The Cold War is at its height, every corner holds a secret and the enemies of a nation lurk in the shadows…who do you trust? The streets overflow with danger and corruption…the citizens of the shattering City don’t sleep at night, fear in their hearts.

The citizens define themselves by the neighborhood or borough where they come from…districts with names like Richmond, Highpoint, the Sprawl and the Battery. Each neighborhood connected to the other by streets in disrepair, an aging subway and/or a rickety elevated train system. This is an urban landscape where life is cheap, fame is fleeting, gangs prowl the shadows in some boroughs and practically rule in others.

But a new breed of hero is starting to rise and take back this once proud metropolis; you are those heroes…steadfast, vigilant, and patriotic…welcome to Pacific City.

  • Arrow, The Cape, Flash: General dynamics and relationship between a team of heroes.
  • Gotham, Streets of Fire, The Warriors: The appearance of the city, visuals and the mix of technology.
  • Heroes, Tomorrow People: Regular people with newly found powers trying to cope with them.
  • Kick Ass, The Punisher: Vigilante characters whose actions have consequences.
  • Spectacular Spiderman: Mix of ongoing personal drama tied into episodic action.

Why Do I Run Long?

I was inspired to address this question in a post by a post on Facebook by Human Potential Running Series linking (yes, this is a roundabout thing!) to another blog post by Dominic Grossman asking this very question…Why People Run Ultra Marathons?

It’s a great question, because after all, running sucks…right? I mean it’s used as punishment in other sports…you practice, you mess up, you run!

I don’t think I’ve ever posted about this, but I used to hate running…it sucked, wouldn’t do it…nope. I used to think the folks running by me when I was out hiking were moronic…I mean what idiot would run up, down, around and in between mountains. Lunacy I say.

Well, one year we were on vacation in Phoenix and I got tired of going to the resort gym to workout. Luckily there was (and is) a great network of trails right off the resort grounds. I decided to hike one morning and this dude (yea, crazy dude at that) ran by me. The next day same thing…i hiked and this dude ran by me.

Well, something inside me snapped…I was curious about what was beyond where I had hiked the day before, so I did the unthinkable…yup, I broke into a run. Well…more like something that vaguely resembled running. Regardless, things just clicked…I loved concentrating on the trail, picking my path, foot placement between rocks and stopping here and there to take in my surroundings…pretty much amazed with myself because I was out someplace I didn’t think I could get to.

That’s it right there in a nutshell…it started my love affair with trail running…one that grows to this day. I’ve only one run ultra and have another on tap this year, but often run longer than I ever thought I could. I love all those things outline above…I love pushing my boundaries and seeing what I can accomplish…I often surprise myself. The smells, the sounds, the silence, the feeling of euphoria after a run…all things I love and more that I know I’m not mentioning.

It’s tough to put in words…that’s about the best I can do.

Back In the Swing

Well, there have been a lot of geek, specifically Fate, related posts of late…it’s not that I have been ignoring the primal and run aspects of this site, just that I haven’t wanted to jinx the good place I’ve been in for the last month or so. It seems (fingers crossed) that the battle with the fractured foot is over, I’ve been running a little over the last two weeks without pain or issues afterwards. However I’m still being cautious and replacing some runs with cycling…helps that I have a duathlon looming at the beginning of May too!

In addition I seem to have found the sweet spot in my primal eating and lifestyle, down about 10 pounds since January 1st. The big changes? My wife has been fully on board the last month…she’s kicking ass as well, but her being on track helps me stay strong as well. We have limited any alcoholic beverages to once or maybe twice a week and when we do it’s a very tame night with only a few cocktails. Reflecting back it seems that most nights out drinking are also accompanied by bad food choices as the night wears on…double whammy there.

So far we are a month into permanently changing our lifestyle for a happier and healthier future and neither of us feel deprived. Totally the opposite actually, we both feel strong and great every morning. Better than I’ve felt in a long, long time…physically and mentally!

The Invincible Iron Man

Courtesy of rickjthree over on a rpg.net thread, I bring you Iron Man for Heroes Accelerated

Iron Man aka Tony Stark

Iron ManRefresh: 3
High Concept: Genius Wearing the Ultimate Weapon
Secret Identity: None
Trouble: Inflated Ego
Aspects: Armored Avenger, Arc Reactor in My Chest, Charming Jerk

Careful: +1 | Clever: +2 | Flashy: +3 | Forceful: +2 | Quick: +1 | Sneaky: +0

Because I invented The Iron Man Armor I have an invincible battlesuit with an array of weaponry…but Outside the Suit, I am Powerless.
• Special Effects: Area Attack, Extra Movement
• Power Facts: Invincible battlesuit, array of weaponry

Because I’m One of the Smartest Men on the Planet, I get +1 when I Cleverly Overcome or Create An Advantage when I have the appropriate tools.
• Because my armor has a Snarky Artificial Intelligence Named J.A.R.V.I.S., I get +1 when I Cleverly Attack or Overcome when he can scan a target and analyze their weaknesses.
• Because I am a Celebrity Superhero I may spend a Fate Point to use my wealth and fame to place a situational aspect on a scene.

Stress: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]
Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):


In honor of the recent news that Spidey will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here’s some web-slinging action…Heroes Accelerated style.

Spiderman aka Peter Parker

SpidermanRefresh: 3
High Concept: Webslinging Crime Fighter
Secret Identity: Student and Photographer
Trouble: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
Aspects: Hero or Villain?, Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman, Wise Cracks Are My Specialty

Careful: +0 | Clever: +2 | Flashy: +3 | Forceful: +1 | Quick: +2 | Sneaky: +1

Because I was a Bitten by a Radioactive Spider, I have the abilities of a spider and a sixth sense…but Doubt Makes My Powers Falter.
• Special Effects: Extra Movement, Inflict a Condition
• Power Facts: Abilities of a spider, sixth sense

Because my Spider Sense Tingles, once per session I can spend a Fate Point to take an action before everyone else but after they have declared their intentions.
Because I can Swing Like a Spider , I can move two zones for free whenever I’m able to use my web-shooters to move.
Because I’m a Webslinger, I get a +2 when I Flashily Create an Advantage whenever I can use my web-shooters.

Stress: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]
Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):

The First Avenger

A quick Heroes Accelerated take on Cap.

Captain America aka Steve Rogers

Refresh: 3Captain America
High Concept: Patriotic Super Soldier
Secret Identity: NONE
Trouble: Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Aspects: The First Avenger, Honest Beyond Reproach, Natural Leader

Careful: +1 | Clever: +3 | Flashy: +1 | Forceful: +2 | Quick: +2 | Sneaky: +0

Because I was Injected with Super Soldier Serum I am physically superior to others and I was given a vibranium shield…but I will Do Anything to Protect My Country.
• Special Effects: Inflict a Condition, Stress Recovery
• Power Facts: Physically superior, vibranium shield

• Because I have a Vibranium Shield, whenever I Cleverly throw it when I Attack in the same zone it automatically returns to me.
• Because I am Enhanced by Super Serum, I get a +2 when I Forcefully try to Overcome any obstacle where strength or athletic ability are of benefit.
• Because I am Captain America, once per scene I can Attack multiple targets in the same zone when I throw my shield without having to split the shifts.

Stress: [ ]   [ ]   [ ]
Consequences: Mild (2)     Moderate (4)     Severe (6)