Random ramblings…


Well, something a bit different for this post…a bunch of rambling thoughts escaping my brain…


  • Amazing that I’ve packed on around 10 pounds since being injured…goes on a heck of a lot faster than it comes off!
  • I’m going back to a lower carb diet as it’s worked wonders for me in the past. To get myself in check I’ve started logging all food with Lose It! to track nutrients and calories…it’s something I like to do now and then for a stretch to reset myself and keep in tune with where I’ve gone astray.
  • Need to drop those excess pounds before training hits full swing in January…makes running so much easier to be lighter.
  • I’ve been a fan of bulletproof coffee in the past but I’ve always just stirred it up…this week for the first time ever I put it in my Ninja Blender and holy cow…it’s freakin’ awesome…I’m hooked!! I love my Ninja even more now if that’s possible.


  • Experienced a bit of soreness in the foot after an easy trail run last Friday so I eased off over the week and the beginning of this week. Better safe than sorry.
  • I’m loving the Wendler 5-3-1 lifting progression and can tell that it’s paying off already with increased strength. I’m about to start the third cycle to determine new max lifts…I’m excited to see how that goes.
  • The 10-day “week” programming is going great as I head into the third 10-day cycle…I think it’s going to become my training regime of choice heading into 2015 race preparation.


  • Such a great season for genre television, I don’t know what I’m loving the most…Walking Dead, Arrorw, Flash, Agents of Shield or The 100…I look forward to each of those each week and can’t let them sit on the DVR for too long before watching.
  • I’m still not 100% sold on Gotham, it’s got some bumps to work out and I haven’t even watched any Constantine yet…I’m waiting to see if it gets cancelled or not.
  • Evil Hat Productions continues to put out top notch Fate related products…their latest, Aether Sea, is great.

Coming back cautious

As much as I’m loving being back out on the trail, at this point I need to be overly cautious with the foot since I’m just working on building my base back up. After the first cold and snowy run of the season Friday my foot was a tad sore Friday evening and Saturday so I’m bypassing my scheduled Sunday run and will evaluate things for my next scheduled run on Wednesday.

Since I don’t start structured training with set distances and goals until January it’s best that I ensure things are healed up properly. Sometimes the brain needs to overrule the desire to run.

Sherpa John and Human Potential

I don’t know Sherpa John nor have I run any of his new races or attended any of the Human Potential Fat Ass events, I want to but am nowhere near being in shape enough to tackle one at this time, but reading a blog post of his struck a chord with me. The whole thing is a good read and I love what he’s trying to carve out in the Colorado trail running scene. Here’s the excerpt that really hit me when I read it:

“I disagree with [your thoughts] of paying money to Anton to run a race. Maybe you should take into account how many people are drawn into the sport by guys like Anton et al. If it wasn’t for those guys the sport would probably not be growing fast enough for average runners to make money off putting on for profit Ultra events. I’m sure my family and friends are stoked to read about me racing cutoffs, but a lot of people are intrigued and brought into the sport by Antons and the “genetically” gifted that train their asses off.”

I think this is where the disagreement is. I don’t think people are drawn to the sport by Anton. I think they are drawn to the sport by reading Dean Karnazes Book and ALL that it entails. Or they read “Born to Run” and ALL that it entails. I think it truly comes down to this: Runners come into ultra because they’re too slow (and/or old) for the marathons anymore. They come into Ultra because the community is more inclusive and caring than the shorter distances (marathons and below). They come into Ultra because they know some other mere mortals who do it and they want to see if they can do it too. They come into Ultra because they want to push themselves. I honestly don’t believe for a second that of the Ultrarunners in our sport today, more than 1% were actually drawn to the sport by Anton or other front runners. I think most of us were drawn to this sport because we understood that on any given day, any one of us can run 100 miles if we put our mind to it.

See, this fits me perfectly…I was never fast enough to consider “being successful” at marathons or shorter road races, however on the trail I flourish. It’s not that I’m fast or even that I finish in the top half of a race…I’m far from fast and typically finish near the back but when I’m on the trail I just don’t care. I want to challenge myself and see if I can complete the course and the distance, and nowadays I want to complete it and not be completely broken for a full week afterwards.

Speed and pace is a strange beast, even to this day when I’m on a run around town on the sidewalk, road or crusher fine trails my mind often becomes fixated on my pace. However when I set foot in the mountains on a singletrack trail, pace because a lost thought, I’m focused on each step and the enjoyment and relaxation it brings. I can’t explain why, it’s just kind of a zen place to be…in the moment, in the wilderness, just you and the terrain working towards a goal that is challenging for you.

I Have a Plan

After a bit of reflection and thought, and the most important factor in this whole thing…approval by the wife…I have the makings of a plan for getting back into form for 2015. Right now I’m looking at these three races to begin training for in January…the next couple of months will be building back up my base. Next step will be to formalize my training schedule for January working backwards from the race dates.

All of these are races I’ve done in the past so they are all known commodities and are all about an hour drive from my house, which is a big bonus. This isn’t set in stone and I’d love to have some other Colorado races about an hour or three from the Boulder area pointed out to me. I always love running new trails and races.

And a big thanks in advance to my wife who will eventually be taking care of my broken down self immediately following North Fork.

5-3-1 and 80/20…Ready, Set, Go

Being sidelined with an injury sure gives you a ton of time to think about what kind of goals are next and how you’ll go about achieving them once you are able to get back to it. Since I love lifting and CrossFit style training almost as much as I love trail running a recent episode of the TrailRunner Nation podcast about Turning Traditional 100-mile Training on its Head pushed me over the edge with what I’ve been thinking about doing.

No, I’m not looking to run a 100-miler anytime soon (my wife will be quite pleased), if ever, but I am looking to run another ultra, 50k (my wife won’t be pleased as much!), in 2015 if the next few months work out as planned. So with that goal in mind I’m “soft testing” a new training regime that combines Wendler’s 5-3-1 lifting cycles, with CrossFit and a combination of slower and lower mileage running over the course of a 10-day (instead of 7) training “week.” Whew…that’s a lot up there in one sentence there so let me take it one at a time.

Quickly though…why 10 day cycles? I like the idea of 10 days cycles as it’s a lot more flexible, I program 10 days at a time and it allows me adjust to things happening around me. In addition I won’t be doing the same workout on the same day of every week which helps to keep things fresh.

I’ve always been a proponent that running up and down hills in the mountains over varied terrain and for long distances requires more than just running, being physically fit from head to toe HAS GOT to help that journey. After listening to the TrailRunner Nation podcast it hit home for me even more; as was said there if you are more powerful and stronger, running long distances is just easier on your body when it’s all said and done. So with a couple of goals in the forefront and keeping in mind that my “week” is 10 days and not 7…

  • Wendler 5-3-1: Designed around a 4-week cycle of lifting to add overall strength and power, I’m doing this around 6 lifts…deadlift, squat, press, clean, snatch, and overhead squat.
  • CrossFit: I’m not talking push it to the edge CrossFit for every-single WOD…but a good, solid metcon added on the 3 lifting days a week for some varied training.
  • 80/20 Running: This is similar to other methods such as Maffetone Method and Run Less, Run Faster…it touts doing 80 percent of your runs at a slower, lower heart rate and 20 percent at a higher intensity.

I’m varying the number of rest days in each “week” starting with 3, 3, 4 and finally 5 in the final 10 day “week” which is a big recovery and lifting deload week as well as throwing in some cycling and walking when the mood strikes. Since I’m just getting back to running now the next 40 days will be a test to see how it goes, works and how my body feels.

Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

Over the last couple of months I’ve been going back and forth over this as it regards to running. At times I’ve yearned to get back out there and more recently once I was able to get to some cycling I’ve been okay without running. However over the last week or so my mind has been changed to an emphatic YES.

This past Sunday I was finally able to get back to the mountains, not running, but on my mountain bike. Well, on the bike a considerable amount of time…a good portion of the ride up the trail was spent “bike-hiking” meaning rolling or carrying my bike over the terrain that I’m not technically sound enough to ride over. We passed a few trail runners and that coupled with just being on the trail made my heart once again yearn to be back out running and exploring the trails.

Yesterday I went on a first test run around the neighborhood…a short and easy 3-something kilometers. It wasn’t long, it wasn’t hard and it wasn’t on a trail, but yea…I loved every step.

So I’ll chime in and say if it’s something that you love, absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.