Minor league football

Okay, now for something entirely different that a typical post although I guess this could be considered somewhat of a “geeky” thing. You see, I love football, both college and pro but growing up in the early to mid-80′s I was also a HUGE fan of the United States Football League (USFL). Living in central Florida I went to several Tampa Bay Bandits games and got to see some great players like Herschel Walker and the core of the Bandits…Gary Anderson, John Reeves, Eric Truvillion and on and on. To this day I’ll still crank up some old YouTube USFL videos now and then to refreshen the memories. I was decimated and really ticked off when the USFL folded…great athletes and great games there.

Unfortunately no other alternative league such as the WLAF, NFL Europe, XFL or UFL has been able to recapture the greatness of the USFL. However as football is undoubtedly the top sport I think we are ripe for some type of other league to develop players. The only problem is garnering interest from current college and NFL fans. My proposal is for the NFL to create instant buy-in with a minor league of their own.

My proposal is 16 teams, each team owned/associated with one AFC and one NFL in close proximity to one another. Much like minor league baseball players (and coaches) would actually be under contract with their parent organization and could be called up or sent down during the season. Not only does this develop players, but also develops coaches and front officer personnel. Die-hard football fans would be interested as their favorite team would have players in development on the minor league team.

At one point I put together the whole league alignment for a fictional simulation league…yea, this is definitely in the geeky territory!

Northern Division

Hartford Brigands (New England and New York(N))
New Jersey Dragons (New York(A) and Philadelphia)
Richmond Knights (Baltimore and Carolina)
Toronto Talons (Buffalo and Detroit)

Southern Division

Birmingham Blazers (Jacksonville and Atlanta)
Little Rock Warbirds (Tennessee and Dallas)
Orlando Avengers (Miami and Tampa Bay)
Shreveport Wildcats (Houston and New Orleans)

Central Division

Columbus Warriors (Pittsburgh and Washington)
Ft. Wayne Rhinos (Cleveland and Chicago)
Iowa Huskies (Indianapolis and Minnesota)
Louisville Skyhawks (Cincinnati and Green Bay)

Western Division

Las Vegas Rustlers (San Diego and San Francisco)
Omaha Aztecs (Kansas City and St. Louis)
Portland Sharks (Oakland and Seattle)
Utah Grizzlies (Denver and Arizona)

Hanging off the ledge…

…by my fingertips and trying to climb back up. It’s been a rough couple of weeks around Primal Run Geek, not only with the typical end-of-summer and back-to-school madness going on but with my primal ways tumbling down the side of a mountain. It’s not that things have been WAY awful, but just enough little things here and there to add up to being way off-kilter. Then to add insult to…well…injury my left Achilles is tight and tender forcing me to dial back on the running for a bit. I’m hoping it’s not the beginning of Achilles tendinitis but and trying to be cautious by icing, lots of stretching and getting on the bike instead of running.


I know the scale isn’t the end all of measurements, but it’s still a good indicator and I’ve hit a weight I haven’t seen in well over a year or two. I didn’t need the scale though to tell me where I was at though…tight fitting shorts, shirts feeling too small and jiggling when I run and move when I previously didn’t. The downhill trend started shortly after I bagged my last Whole30 attempt; it’s like it was the magic wand giving me the go ahead to over-indulge…well perhaps not over-indulge, but certainly indulge way more that I should.

So here I am both mentally and physically down in the dumps, having fallen again and getting back up…again…and starting the slow walk down the right path and right now I can’t see the end of that path.


Podcast delay

Since we launched our podcast we have been dead-on releasing an episode every two weeks, but today that streak comes to an end. Due to end of summer activities and travel schedules episode 7 will be delayed and not released today. We should resume our normal schedule on August 11th.


Stack it up

Pretty satisfying when you can find a recipe that is adaptable for other uses. Case in point, the awesome Cauliflower Biscuit recipe is quickly becoming a favorite for use with riced cauliflower.

I took the base recipe, omitted the bacon and jalapeños and made them larger are more “bun” like size. The result was a delicious hamburger stack pictured below.

Cauliflower bun, sautéed onions, seasoned bison burger, avocado mayo (made in my rocking NutriNinja!!) and a fried egg.



What’s in a word?

It has been said countless times by many people that following an ancestral health style of eating is not one size fits. Our paleo ancestors lived all over the world eating a wide variety of foods and living a wide variety of lifestyles. The “experiment of one” common saying reflects this aptly.

So with my recent Whole30 experiment and the quest to find my balance it has me asking and wondering just what is paleo? What’s in the word and what is it? How about paleo vs. primal or any other iteration of an ancestral health lifestyle? Does it matter?

I know what the firm definition of those are, but what exactly are they for me? I don’t know, but I’m trying to figure out that balance for a happier lifestyle and longer lifespan. I know the more on task I am, the better I am physically and mentally which leads to increased enjoyment of my athletic endeavors.

What do they mean for you? How do you use them to fuel your body for an active lifestyle.